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Build Brighton Dome

Our venues have staged over 150 years of ground breaking-innovative programming. Converted into a performance space in 1867 audiences have enjoyed a dazzling array of artists, dancers, musicians, actors and directors. From Harold Pinter to Maya Angelou, Muddy Waters, Ella Fitzgerald and David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen to Royal Blood and Bonobo with all the late Dancing Queens in between.

Perhaps most famously in 1974 Brighton Dome hosted the Eurovision Song Contest where the Swedish legends ABBA won with their timeless hit ‘Waterloo’.

The rebuild is a brilliant opportunity to illuminate the diversity of our programming and to showcase the world’s leading artists that have passed through our doors.

How the Space will Transform...

Corn Exchange

  • Natural light restored
  • Original timber and cast-iron trussed roof structure revealed
  • New retractable and balcony seating
  • Improved technical equipment and sub floor storage
  • Enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation

Studio Theatre

  • Full refurbishment and remodelling
  • Improved access
  • New retractable and balcony seating

New Visitor Facilities

  • Gallery showcasing the history, memorabilia and stories

Help us to keep making history for the next 200 years

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