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Build Brighton Dome

We are focussed on attracting talent that has an affinity with the spirit of Brighton. Our first artist in residence Hofesh Schecter’s career has gone from strength to strength to a celebrated dance choreographer, artist and in 2014 our Guest Director. We nurture the mutually beneficial relationship that brings innovative quality to a wide audience.

'I like how the arts have no real borders between them, how all the different arts cross fertilise each other, even create each other’

Ali Smith Guest Director 2015

We constantly encourage the unexpected when it comes to supporting artists. Current associate artists, Blast Theory have collaborated with Brighton Festival many times to produce immersive pieces of theatre that ask the audience to think about our digital world and push boundaries, often asking difficult questions.

Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival has a bespoke relationship with each artist that we work with in that we have no fixed criteria on what we expect which is crucial in supporting unique talent and working style.

We will develop ways for our artists cutting-edge experiments to be discovered and seen through the prism of the Prince Regent's own passion for the new, the experimental and the exotic.

New Spaces for Artists...

Studio Theatre & Corn Exchange

  • Improved technical equipment and sub floor storage
  • Enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation

Creative Space

  • To nurture new talent and provide room for rehearsals, workshops, and community events
  • A dedicated area for artists and production teams
  • New artist facilities with self-contained rehearsal room

Help us to keep making history for the next 200 years

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